So you guys have made the decision to meet up and see if the spark you feel online starts a fire for you both in person, congratulations! The excitement and nerves kick in as soon as you decide to take the plunge, your mind starts to wonder about the meet and what to expect, ideas racing of the perfect encounter with your new beau, it really is a wonderful time. And you want it to be perfect, so here are a few pointers to help your first time together be one to remember, for all the right reasons!

DO be sure to make sure you are both comfortable with the timing and choice of venue for this important first encounter. The online dating world is very relaxed and people feel they can really communicate without the nerves that might come along with dating in the flesh. Be sure to make your choice of time and place one that you are both happy with. It's likely that you guys will already be hyped up on the nerves, so a relaxed setting goes a long way to putting that anxiety to bed.

DON'T pressure your potential new partner into rushing into something they aren't ready for. We all know the frustration of wanting to meet this amazing new love interest face to face, however that excitement can occasionally come across in writing as pushiness. Be gentle with your choice of words, keep up the lively excited feeling but make sure you don't sound like you are piling on the pressure, no one finds that sexy!

DO remember to be clean and presentable on your first get-together! This one is pretty obvious and we are sure you are going to look fantastic, but this is a friendly reminder to make the effort. First impressions count, in fact many scientific studies have substantiated that we judge a persons character based on their appearance in... drum roll ONE TENTH of a second! Luckily, most of this is based on facial expression, so as long as you are wearing a genuine smile you can be forgiven more any possible misfires on your clothing choices!

DON'T be late! Once you have your place and time set, stick to it! Be punctual and don't keep them waiting. The nerves are likely to be at maximum capacity already, without the added worry of you not arriving, and as soon as you are late, the possibility that you aren't coming at all WILL enter their mind. And hey, we know life happens and delays are part of life, so if you find yourself likely to be running late, just let them know ;)

DO take your time when getting to know your new friend and potential lover. How much do you know about this person, are they open and forthcoming with details about themselves and their lives? Short answers to questions, changing the subject and routinely ignoring certain topics are all red flags that this person may not be ready to meet or that you haven't yet broken through their outer shell and found the real person underneath.

DON'T get into the stalker zone! We get it, you are enamored with this new amazing person and want to know all about them, and the way to do that is through conversation and communication with them, let the messages flow and find out all you want to know. But try to restrain yourself when it comes to stepping into their personal lives before the big meet, no one likes random friend requests! Play it cool and let things grow naturally.

DO remember that online dating is a brilliant and very common way for people to find a partner and start amazing journeys together! It may be new to some of you, and perhaps you are struggling to find your feet in this new world, but you are not alone! It may take a bit more time, a little more imagination and a smidgen of patience, but it's been proven to be a wonderful way for people to connect. In 2013 a study of over 19,000 people found that those who met online had significantly higher "relationship quality" and were together longer! The odds are in your favour!

DON'T forget to have an amazing time! You've done all the hard work in getting to know one another, now it's time to reap your rewards and let the fun begin!