The age-old question resurfaces once more as we take the plunge into the mysterious inner workings of the female psyche. Although we happen to think that after reading this article the mystery may just be lifted and you should be well on your way to getting to grips with what women REALLY want in the bedroom.

Long gone are the days of the stereotypical nagging middle-aged woman who cares more about getting the ironing done than getting frisky with her man. With easily accessible contraception and more platforms on which to explore their desires, women have broken free of these old ideas and have burst into the 21st century feeling kinkier and more confident than ever.

However, this doesn’t mean that some women aren’t still held back by feelings of doubt when it comes to getting what they want from their man, which brings us to our first point of interest:

Number 1: Communication!

That’s right! So, women are known for being chatty and loving nothing more than getting into a deep conversation, but sometimes a little push can be needed to get her to open up when it comes to sex and what really turns her on. Don’t be afraid to start the dialogue with her on this one, it’s a real turn on when a man asks about her desires and fantasies, and you may be surprised at just how willing she will be to entertain your sexy ideas in return!

Now that you have got her talking and have a better idea about what she really wants to see happen when you two get naughty, it’s time to make it happen for her.

Number 2: Setting the mood...

We all love that passionate and spontaneous sex that takes us by surprise and gets the proverbial juices flowing, but occasionally the planning and thoughtfulness that goes into a sexual encounter really adds another dimension for the girls and can heighten the excitement and enjoyment massively. Now that you have encouraged her to open up about her desires, have a think about a fun and sexy way you can make this happen for her. The devil is in the detail, so really go to town and show her that you want her to enjoy this as much as you do! Set the mood for a night of passion and watch as she turns to putty in your hands.

And lastly but not least, the top thing women are really looking for in the bedroom...

Number 3: Does it HAVE to be the bedroom?

Variety is the spice of life as they say, and when it comes to making love with your partner we have a duty to each other to keep it lively and interesting. It doesn't have to be a full and complete encounter, in fact light teasing in new and exciting places can be hugely erotic! Turning every day places into playgrounds for our desires can really add an edge to any relationship. Imagine walking through Tesco doing the weekly shop, pretty boring and run of the mill, right? Now imagine lightly placing your hand on her bum as she bends to reach for the butter, an arm around her waist and a quick kiss on her neck at the checkout... Fleeting and seemingly innocent little gestures that really let her know you think she is amazing, desirable and you just can't keep your hands off of her!

Girls want to feel wanted, it really does boil down to that simple statement. Once you begin viewing every day interactions from a different perspective, your mind will begin finding the exciting in the mundane. Tell that woman in your life just how amazing you think she is, open the dialogue about her naughty desires, plan that perfect night and don't forget... Make the everyday that bit more exciting and romantic.

Voila, welcome to a new and exciting world with your special lady. Enjoy!